Where do we start?

Let's take a look at the 2 dudes that started this company:

Mike Loescher..aka Legendary Loescher !!

instructor (9K)

And just like Norm he is famous. His family wasn't involved in race cars but a lucky move to Elmgrove Rd in Rochester, NY changed his life forever. The story goes that the neighborhood kids where riding their bikes in a corn field and suddenly a roadster came flying down the street. Curious as to where the drag car came from they pedaled their bikes to where the noise originated from. What they found was a drag shop owned by the Turner Brothers. The rest is history; Mike learned everything about racing and work ethics from the Turner Brothers. Mike is a former NASCAR modified driver from upstate New York. He started racing at the age of 16, and continued to race professionally for 15 years before moving to Florida. Mike has had an impressive racing career. He has been credited with seven track championships and over 130 victories to his name. Check out some of his accomplishments:

Starting in early 2015 Mike also created Adapters to Laser Align the Polaris Slingshot Slingshot
True Laser Track
Finish Line Racing School

This guy is one SMART cat....(but this photo is old he has all gray hair now, he blames that on his wife) !!
When Norm first approached Mike about design issues concerning the Spyder they knew they where a match…Norm knew the problems from his history assisting with demo rides at Can-Am Spyder events and Mike knows how to design and create new products. As partners they could now bounce ideas off each other.

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Stormin' Norman Robinson

This guy is famous...(he doesn't think so!)
Norm cut his teeth "literally" on motorcycles. Back in the day Lil' Normie was one of 10 children with the family's motorcycle shop attached to their house. Rumor has it that Mom Robinson was always there with a smile and a hot cup of coffee for you. So you can see that he learned to ride a motorcycle at a very young age.    

*1959 First motorcycle race, got a trophy and was hooked
*1960 Won class championship and was really hooked.
*1964 Turned Pro and made Junior in 3 races.
*1965 Got drafted and joined reserves and raced made Expert in 1968
*1968 Won North South Championship Edgewood Md.250 class
*1968 Won Quebec Ice Racing Championship St. Agathe Qe
*1970 Rode Evel Kneivel show
*1971 Won AMA Pro half mile race finals
*1971 Won 1 AMA Pro motocross (Victor NY)
*1973 Broke time trial record Barbara Fritchie Classic
*1976 Won East Coast Speedway Finals, Owego NY
*1978 Won US Open Speedway Championship Owego NY
*1979-80 Promoted Friday Night Speedway Races, Batavia NY
*FINALLY AFTER 20 YEARS "playing" he is forced to go to work !!
*1980 Worked road sales for KK Cycle
*1984 Worked for USA Suzuki Dist. Mgr.
*1989 Worked for BRP for 20 years experiencing the launch of the Spyder.
*2009 Retired and started "ROLO LLC" now we are having fun!

Normie knows what the Spyder lovers want.


So: we are proud to announce some new products and more on the drawing board…

Florida Rep Mike Loescher Phone: (386) 427-8522, we are on the road alot can also call cell : 386-405-2263

Northern Rep Norm Robinson Phone: (315) 520-5907

True Laser Track 3552 Omni Circle Edgewater Fl 32141