Introducing the Patented True Laser Track Alignment System for Slingshots,
invented 15 years ago for NASCAR Race cars but modified for the Polaris Slingshot in 2015




Started selling SS systems 2/10/ 2015 and as of 5/01/2018
53 Dealers in
30 USA States
1 Canada

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There are 3 issues going on with the Slingshot
factory alignment and this is true with the Spyder too

#1 Is front toe correct ?

#2 Is the front tracking square to the rear´┐┐? which is called "skew"..

If found to be incorrect you CANNOT adjust the rear you can only adjust the front,
as my system doesn't align to the frame, it aligns to the contact patch of the front tires
You may ask,Is the frame installed incorrect? The vehicle does not feel it ...
the only thing the SS/Spyder feels is CONTACT PATCH
"Contact Patch is where the tires hit the road", if the fronts are not aligned to the rear
the vehicle "crabs" down the road causing premature tire wear.
That is why I don't worry about the frame...worry about what matters,
change what you can can't change the frame being
installed incorrectly but you can change contact patch

#3 Is "overall" toe correct?

The answer to number one is: yes the factory
tries to make sure the front toe is correct
but let me use Spyder specs as they have been around since 2008.

Out of 800 alignments that I have personally done...
using my system only 5 have been perfect from the factory.

That is horrible odds.

And that is only ME I have 150 other dealers...

The answer to number two is unless you have the Patented True Laser Track
system for Slingshots you cannot

find the skew offset and once you do find it being incorrect you
cannot fix it without our system.

Our system is the easiest way to double check front toe,,,,and then double check skew
and finally double check "overall" toe

In the 80 Slingshots that I have aligned most were both toed "out" and the skew was off
,,,,meaning the Slingshot was "crabbing / dog tracking". And all of them NEEDED TO BE ALIGNED

The one I did yesterday at a Polaris dealer was toed IN and way off in skew.

The real test of time will be tire wear. Because of the large amount of weight
on the front end of the Slingshot,

the tires will wear out quickly.

Both "front and rear" unless the toe is corrected and secondly the skew has to be corrected.

Every Polaris dealer needs this system and every Slingshot owner needs
to have this service performed.

It has come to our attention that a certain Independant Laser dealer is not doing a proper and complete laser alignment.
A complete laser alignment on a Slingshot is a 3 step process and uses FRONT AND REAR TARGETS.

This company is only using front targets and only charging $89 which makes all SS laser dealers look bad, money wise and quality wise.

When you only use front targets you are only checking and changing FRONT toe.
A complete laser alignment should cost $130 or MORE
and consist of checking and changing # 1: front toe #2: SKEW and #3: checking overall toe .
Number 3 is the most important step and it takes using front AND rear targets. Too much or too little toe will eat tires.

SS riders need to be aware of proper laser alignment steps
so they can make a educated choice when it comes to picking a SS laser alignment dealer.
A laser alignment is only as good as the tech performing it.
ASK questions before you decide.

My Polaris Dealers have urged me to report this and I have received many e mails concerning this problem.
I cannot force anyone to charge a certain price but I can report a problem when I see one.