THE PROBLEM #1:  I am NOT comfortable on these Spyder foot pegs.

The Spyder ROLO floorboards were created because of complaints about the seating position on the RS.
The seating is similar to a jockey on a race horse. Knees bent back and low handlebars give the operator a
uncomfortable ride. The Spyder ROLO floorboards give the operator a chance to move his feet and knees to find more comfort.


ROLO 1: $979.00 @ pair
(this price includes ALL of the Spyder ROLO floorboard parts, BARE Spyder ROLO floorboards are $479.00 @ pair)        

THE PROBLEM # 2:  Where is my foot on the Spyder ROLO floorboards ?

The half round pegs give the operator a starting point for locating the brake and shifter( if it is a manual Spyder ).
They are intended to give the operator more of a secure mental picture of where their feet are on the Spyder ROLO floorboards.


ROLO 2: $67.00 each         

THE PROBLEM # 3:   Where is the brake, if I look down I will drive off the road?

The brake pedal billet block is designed to locate the brake without searching for it.
Just lift your boot and step down.


ROLO 3: $99.00 each        

THE PROBLEM # 4:   I can't find the parking brake peg?

The parking brake pedal is designed to give the operator an easy on-off for using the parking brake
without searching for it, no need to look down.

Everyone should have this piece even if you don't have the "MADE IN AMERICA" quality Spyder ROLO floorboards.


ROLO 4: $79.00 each         

THE PROBLEM #5:    I need highway pegs so I can relax my feet..

When the Spyder is rolling down the interstate,the operator can find that his or her leg position becomes tiresome.
By simply turning your ankles up and resting them on the kick-up perch, it changes many pressure points on your
legs and gives you more miles of comfort.


ROLO 5: $99.00 each         

All of these parts are MADE IN AMERICA with the highest attention paid to quality.

Billet aluminum is a great value and the appearance stays like new for years..

All ROLO LLC parts are sold with all nuts and bolts required and as ALWAYS FREE Shipping.

Please remember we have paid extra to have these parts "Made in the USA".

ROLO LLC is Patriotic and believe that if we as citizens of the USA don't stand with parts "Made In The USA",
that we are giving into the collapse of our economy. We support JOBS in the USA !!!!.
Remember CHEAP parts made overseas ARE CHEAP PARTS…do NOT buy into this game…
BUY parts "Made In The USA".

All ROLO Parts are 100% guaranteed for workmanship and quality, try finding that guarantee anywhere else.....

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