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True Laser Track Laser Aligns the BRP CanAm Spyder With Bikeweek only days away, all thoughts are aimed at motorcycles in the Daytona Beach area. Just a short drive south on US 1 from Daytona is home of True Laser Track the patented laser alignment system for the CanAm Spyders.

This is not new technology This is 15+ years of Patented and Proven WINNING NASCAR technology adapted to the CanAm Spyder in 2013.

Originally, Mike Loescher invented the laser system for his fleet of 14 race cars in his race school in 2004.

In 2012 I broke my leg and made it impossible to ride my Roadstar for a trip my wife and I were taking my friend from high school suggested a Spyder after some thought and a quick trip to Central Florida Powersports we bought one. Well what a surprise when I got it home it darted and wandered all over the road, when I called that same friend who worked for BRP for 20 years .he said they all do that. That was not acceptable to me.what I found out was every Spyder has bump steer in laymans terms that means when the rider steps on to the bike the TOE changes and if it changes to toe OUT that is a very scary ride. I also found out that the factory aligns to the frame which in the race car world you would never want to do that the frames are not square.
So I machined perfect adapters that attached to the steel center front spindle, where the wheel bearing is located. This is the exact center of the rotating front wheel mass. It is the only way that you can get a true alignment measurement; any other point will not be accurate. These adapters are machined PERECT with no run out, so the laser beam measurements are to the "thousands" or even a better description "to the width of a HUMAN HAIR, states Mike.

A proper laser alignment can be done on a CanAm Spyder in less than 1 hour.more like 30 minutes.

On 3/25/14 BRP issues a service bulletin named Roadster alignment specifications, number 2014-6.
In this bulletin BRP endorses The True Laser Track patented Laser System and recommends their dealers use this revolutionary new method to align the Spyder.

On 3/25/2015 BRP issues a additional service bulletin named Roadster alignment specifications, number 2015-6A, endorsing True Laser track for the 2nd year in a row.

On 2/25/2016 BRP issues a additional service bulletin to their dealers named Roadster alignment specifications, number 2016-6, endorsing True Laser track for the 3rd year in a row

Most BRP dealers laser align every new Spyder that comes into their dealership from the factory.and the new 2018s will be the same.

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1. New boards coming soon for the RT. WHY??? Many dealers asked for them. The RT is a very comfortable machine. People still want to stretch out and maximize comfort. This new product is just coming out of prototype status to first production.

2. Perhaps the coolest new release for the Spyder is the OUTLAW /ROLO LASER ALIGNMENT package. My friends, you will want your Spyder aligned properly with my partners PATENTED True Laser Track technology. Smart dealers will purchase this package and have customers that will be amazed by the way their Spyder handles and drives down the road.

3. We are having fun designing and producing the finest products for your Spyder. In retirement I knew I didn't care for golf or fishing. See you at Americade, Spyderfest,Spyderquest,Bike week, Biktoberfest and Maggie Valley and beyond.